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National Coalition of Mental Health
Consumer/Survivor Organizations

Also available as a downloadable pdf (85KB, 1 page)


National Coalition Policy Priorities for 2008

1 Adequate funding and organizing of peer run networks and services in every state through Block grant and other federal funding to go directly to consumer-run statewide organizations/coalitions to ensure sustainability.
2 Peer-run alternatives to hospitalization such as crisis respite, warmlines, and in-home supports.
3 Universal psychosocial Coverage - Parity with choice covering a variety of alternatives in the community, in rural areas, delivered by peers
4 Create model legislation to carry out the recommendations here.
5 Ensure that peoplesí Rights are protected (ECT, informed consent).
6 Self-directed care through individual self-determination accounts and training.
7 Ensure adequate funding of consumer/survivor run housing.
8 Consumer-driven transformation of Social Security reform to enable people who can to return to work by:
  1. Raising asset limits and income limits
  2. Increasing work incentives (PASS plans, IRWEs)
  3. Increasing work supports (education, training, child care)
  4. Re-evaluate benefits based on geography
  5. Coordinating agencies that provide benefits and coordinating benefits
9 Control the influence of pharmaceuticals on policies by:
  1. Eliminating direct pharmaceutical advertising and doctor incentives
  2. FDA reform - independent research on pharmaceuticals
10 One stop shopping for housing, education, support, integrated health and mental health care.
11 Facilitate voting by people labeled with mental illness by ensuring that HAVA (Help America Votes Assistance) and GOTV (Get Out the Vote) initiatives are provided to consumer/survivors.