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National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery | NCMHR

Board Members and Staff


Leah Harris, Director

Leah HarrisLeah Harris, M.A., is a mother, advocate, writer, a trauma survivor, and a person with a psychiatric history, whose lived experience is her greatest expertise. She has written and spoken widely about her own experiences of trauma, addiction, suicide, severe mental health challenges, and recovery, and as the daughter of two parents who were diagnosed with severe mental illness, both of whom died very young as a result of their disabilities. This depth of personal experience fuels Leah’s unstoppable commitment to ensuring a meaningful life in the community and civil/human rights for people with mental health conditions, addictions, and trauma histories.

She is a suicide attempt survivor and expert who consults on new innovations in suicide prevention with the Center for Dignity, Recovery, and Empowerment serves on the Suicide Attempt Survivor Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and on the Zero Suicide Advisory Group. She is also the co-founder of a newly-developing advocacy, research, resource, and support network created by and for people with lived experience of suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts/feelings.

She is an Emotional CPR facilitator, and promotes a range of trauma-informed approaches to supporting individuals through distress and crisis and into recovery.

Raymond L. Bridge, Director of Public Policy

Ray is a person in recovery from depression who became an advocate because of his own experiences and those of his family members. He is passionate about empowerment and justice. Beginning in 1990 he helped to found and lead three mental health consumer organizations: the Northern Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association, VOCAL, and the Laurie Mitchell Employment Center in Northern Virginia. Ray has been active in advocacy and transformation of Virginia’s public mental health system at the state, regional and local level. He served as president of the state Mental Health Planning Council for three years, was a member of an Olmstead Oversight Committee, and helped to design Virginia’s Medicaid Buy-in program. In 2008, Ray played a leading role in creating seven recovery projects in Northern Virginia that were funded as part of the Governor’s mental health transformation initiative. Ray comes to NCMHR from Mental Health America, where he was a writer and consumer advocate. He spent a career in government communications. 

NCMHR Board of Directors

Northeast Region:

Gloria Van Der Berg, Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, Inc. (VT)

Michael Skinner, Surviving Spirit (NH)

Mid-Atlantic Region:

Iden Campbell McCollum, The Campbell Center (DC)

Dave Sanders, West Virginia Mental Health Care Consumers Association (WV)

Southern Region:

Laurie Coker, North Carolina Consumer Advocacy, Networking, and Support Organization (NC)

Anthony Fox, Tennessee Mental Health Consumers' Association (TN)

Charles Willis, Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network (GA)

Midwest Region:

Jean Dukarski, Justice in Mental Health Organization (MI)

Ronda Ames, KEY Consumer Organization, Inc. (IN)

Plains Region:

Todd Lange, Iowa Advocates for Mental Health Recovery (IA)

Vicky Lynn Collins, Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health (KS)

West Region:

Susan King, Mental Health America of Hawaii (HI)

Meghan Stanton, Consumer Self Help Center (CA)

At-large Members:

Lauren Grimes, On Our Own of Maryland (MD)

Jimi Kelley, First Nations Behavioral Health (TN)

Latosha Taylor, Personal Empowerment Recovery Coalition (AR)

Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Board Members:

Dan Fisher, National Empowerment Center

Joe Rogers, National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse

Donita Diamata, Peerlink