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National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery | NCMHR

Alternatives Conference

Alternatives 2019

Standing Together, Celebrating Our Gifts, Raising Our Voices

July 7 -11, 2019
Washington DC


Volunteering at Alternatives: If you would like to volunteer at Alternatives 2019, please indicate your interest by clicking here.

Overnight accommodations are available in the college dorm rooms and nearby hotels. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Exhibit application: click here. Exhibiting at Alternatives is a way to share your organization through displays and brochures; sell your books or products; and network and make new connections with potentially 500 conference participants.

Caucus application: click here. Caucus sessions are an opportunity to invite others to informally explore a topic of special interest. Sessions will be from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10, and Thursday, July 11, 2019.

Sponsors are needed: More information at Sponsorship page.

Click for Accessibility information for attending Alternatives.

Continuing Education Units (CEs) will be available again this year. Questions? Write info@ncmhr.org

We will update the Alternatives 2019 website and social media as new information becomes available.

Follow @AltCon_2019 on Twitter; the hashtag is #Alternatives2019.
Follow Alternativescon on Instagram, the Alternatives Facebook page and the Alternatives Announcements Facebook page.

Alternatives Website: www.alternatives-conference.org

Alternatives 2018
Call for Presentations Now Available!

July 29 - August 3, 2018
Washington DC

The National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR) announces that applications for workshop presentations for Alternatives 2018 are now being accepted.

Now in its 32nd year, the Alternatives conference is the oldest and largest conference of its kind, organized and hosted by peers for peers (people with lived experience of the behavioral health system, emotional distress/crisis, trauma, or substance use/addiction). Alternatives is renowned for offering the latest and best information in the peer recovery movement, and provides an invaluable opportunity for peers to network with and learn from one another. This will be a 'people’s Alternatives,' funded entirely through registration fees and donations. We will be ‘on our own’ again, connecting to the roots of our movement.

Visit the website: www.alternatives-conference.org to find the Call for Presentations form and an online submission link, conference registration information, and other valuable information.

CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the Call for Presentations page of our website.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 16, 2018.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and seeing you at Alternatives 2018!

Getting Involved With Alternatives

If you would like to be involved with the planning of Alternatives 2018, please fill out the Alternatives Planning Interest Form.

Information about the conference is updated regularly at www.alternatives-conference.org

Questions? Write to us via out Contact Form. Follow @AltCon_2018 on Twitter; the hashtag is #Alternatives2018. Click here for the Alternatives 2018 Facebook page.

Alternatives 2017

Alternatives 2017 Presentations:

Cathy Cave | Peer Support and Cultural Attunement: Compassion, Love, Empathy and Action to Connect (PDF, 9.41MB, 17 pages)

Howard D. Trachtman | Ending Restraint and Seculsion in Schools (PDF, 2.3MB, 13 pages)

Mike Weaver MS, QP, CPSS | Practical Components of Eliminating Seclusions and Restraints in Schools (PDF, 413KB, 7 pages)

Charles G. Curie | Reducing and Eliminating Seclusion & Restraint: The Leadership Factor (PDF, 5.23MB, 9 pages)

Robert Rousseau, MDiv., MA, CPS | The New Integrated Landscape of Health Care: The Case for a Peer Workforce (PDF, 3.74MB, 40 pages)

Jonathan Delman, PhD, JD, MPH | Fighting for our livelihoods: Developing sustainable job opportunities for economic self-sufficiency (PDF, 531KB, 27 pages)

Don Karp | A Guide To Journal Writing For Recovery and Thriving (PDF, 575KB, 12 pages)

Judi Maguire | Peer-to-Peer Revovery-Focused Educational Program (PDF,1.9MB, 9 pages), Peer-to-Peer: Images of Recovery (PDF, 236KB, 17 pages)

Andrew Sperling | Permanent Supportive Housing: The Cornerstone of Recovery (PDF, 261KB, 10 pages)

Raphael Mizrahi, B.S., Amanda Costa, B.S. | Successes and Challenges of Engaging a National Youth Voice in Shaping Future Mental Health Services and Supports (PDF, 1.9MB, 29 pages)

Andy Beresky, Bevin Croft | Peer Respites: A National and Local Perspective (PDF, 703KB, 19 pages)

Jeremy Countryman, John Ferrone | The Elements of Organizational Effectiveness (EOE) Model (PDF, 264KB, 5 pages), Assessing Your Consumer Organization's Status: Best Practices in Sustainability (PDF, 120KB, 3 pages)

Jeremy Countryman | Climbing the Ivory Tower: Barriers to Higher Education and How to Overcome Them (PDF, 874KB, 34 pages)

Jim Probert, PhD | An Approach to Mental Health Recovery and Cultivating “Emotional Fitness”– for Wellness Recovery Action Plan ® (WRAP) Users. . . and Anyone Else! (PDF, 530KB, 10 pages)

Gisele Vranckx | MiiND: Recovery Environment for Clients With Severe Mental Problems (PDF, 1.03MB, 17 pages), Introduction to MiiND (PDF, 102KB, 10 pages)

Dan Berstein | Conflict Resolution Skill-Building for Peers resources are available at www.mhmediate.com/alternatives. The resources include a video of my TEDx Talk "How to Talk About Mental Health Without Offending Everyone," a sign-up form so you can access the DRMH Initiative's Fall Webinar Program on Conflict Resolution Resources for Peers, a 5-step guide to managing conflicts at work, and infographics teaching how to bring a conflict resolution culture to your organization and ways to show you are being fair.

Emma Bragdon, PhD | Spiritual Experiences and Mental Health (PDF, 7.56MB, 33 pages)

Elsa Roman, CPS, Anna H Gray, CPS | Heal, Grow and Build Together: A Formula for Personal, Relational and Community Development (PDF, 2.55MB, 10 pages)

Amy Jo Funk, BS, AAS, PSS | United We Stand, Divided We Fall (PowerPoint Online)

Oce Harrison, Ed.D. | Institute for Human Centered Design (PDF, 7.13MB, 20 pages)

Rhonda D Franklin-Romar | Resiliency: Coming Through a Storm The Before, During and After (PDF, 367KB, 1 page)

Daniel Au Valencia and Emily Sheera Cutler | How To Not Recover: Alternatives In a Neurodiverse Society (Google Slides, similar to PowerPoint)