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National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery | NCMHR

Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing

Maori women

Description: We are at a pivotal time in human history. Please join the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR) in a series of webinars where we explore the relationship between ecology, how we relate to one another and the earth, and healing from crisis. We have gathered experts from around the globe, including indigenous peoples, to speak to this topic, share best practices, and propose some solutions to the very complex problems we face.

Webinar speakers: Mark Lakeman, Co-Founder, City Repair Project; Christine Karczewski, Co-Founder, The Healing Field; Paris Williams, Author of Rethinking Madness; Rangi Ahipene, Maori Chief; Moderated by Luke Walters, Campaign Director

Campaign Director: Luke Walters

To learn more about this campaign, including a link to a presentation by Luke Walters, you can read an article by clicking here. For questions or to get involved with this campaign, please contact Luke Walters at rev.luke@ripplesofwellness.org

Presentation Slides (PDF, 33MB, 116 pages)


Rangi Ahipene - Rangi is a Maori Chief who lives and works in Tauranga, New Zealand and brings an indigenous perspective. Rangi has been recognized for his transformative work with youth for a Maori organization called Te Tuinga Whanau.

Jode Freyholtz-London - Jode has worked in the human services field for over 30 years. Her career has focused on mental health services in rural areas of Minnesota. Jode founded Minnesota’s statewide consumer-run mental health organization, Wellness in the Woods, Inc. in March 2013. She has served on the Rural Health and Primary Care Advisory Council, and presently serves on the State Mental Health Advisory Council. Jode was recognized for her work last year when she was named the Rural Health Hero of 2017 by the Minnesota Department of Rural Health and Primary Care.

Reverend "Luke A. Shootingstar" Walters - In his work, Luke identifies with the roles of Visionary Artist, Peer Wellness Specialist, diplomatic Ambassador, and Universalist Minister. Luke is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mutual Benefit Society, founder of Global Community Designs, and a member of numerous government advisory councils. Luke draws on his lived experience in all his work, planting seeds for peace and initiating ripples of wellness throughout the world, engaging a myriad of communities in the spirit of hope that others may come to similar restored empowerment and rediscovery of their own purpose in life.

Moderator: Martha Barbone, iNAPS Secretary

Also available as a PowerPoint (6.62MB, 68 pages)

Webinar Co-Sponsor: International Association of Peer Specialists