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Vote Resources

Get Out The Vote! Helpful Websites to Help you Get Started

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As you begin your voting work be sure to understand voters' rights and the rights of those outreaching to voters in YOUR community. Voters' rights laws vary widely from state-to-state. The Bazelon Center has assembled this incredibly comprehensive guide to help inform advocates from all over the US with specific information for each state. You can also contact the Bazelon Center (contact information is in the guide) if you have other questions about voters' rights - they are a great resource!

VOTE.  It's your right.  A guide to the Voting Rights of People with Mental Disabilities - Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law & National Disability Rights Network (PDF, 36 pages, 1MB)

www.vote-smart.org - Project Vote Smart, a citizen's organization, has developed a Voter's Self-Defense system to provide you with the necessary tools to self-govern effectively: abundant, accurate, unbiased and relevant information. As a national library of factual information, Project Vote Smart covers your candidates and elected officials in five basic categories.

www.nlihc.org/VOTE - The National Low Income Housing Coalition can show you how to “voterize” your agency and has great resources for voter education and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities.

www.vote411.org - the League of Women Voters' voting site, the online home of our nation's premier grassroots citizen organization. Everything you need to know about voting - it’s fantastic!

www.votespa.com - This comprehensive website from the PA Department of State features all you need to know about voting in PA, including an on-line demo of the voting machines in every county in PA.

www.nonprofitvote.org - The Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network has resources, links and lots of ideas.

Resources for Educating and Turning Out Voters with Disabilities

www.dvcpa.org – Disability Voting Coalition of PA

www.govoter.org - National Technical Assistance Center for Voting and Cognitive Access – really good handouts and resources, especially for people with intellectual disabilities.

www.tndisability.org - Tennessee Disability Voter Coalition is a non-partisan, statewide voter empowerment campaign to organize the disability community to be an important force in the political and policy process.

www.aapd-dc.org - AAPD's Disability Vote Project pushes for meaningful election reform, works to get out the disability vote, focuses on polling place and voting system access, encourage service providers to people with disabilities to comply with the provisions of the National Voter Registration Act.

Get Out the Vote Manuals – Download resources from the experts

www.wellstone.org/organizing_corner/action_items.aspx?catID=8399 - Wellstone Action’s resources for mobilizing voters.

www.facesandvoicesofrecovery.org/pdf/2007_recovery_voices_count_final.pdf - A great voter engagement guide for non-profits.

For more information contact Rachel Freund, PA Mental Health Consumers’ Association; rachel@pmhca.org or 412-621-4706, x. 22